Rogozin Lays Out 10 Principles to Guide Roscosmos

Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin. (Credit: A. Savin)

MOSCOW (Roscosmos PR) — Today, June 28, 2018, Moscow hosted the scientific and practical conference “The main tasks and prospects for the development of Roscosmos”, at which the General Director of Roscosmos Dmitry Rogozin announced ten principles on which the State Corporation and enterprises of the industry will operate.

At the event, not only the heads of Roscosmos, but also all the enterprises of the industry gathered, there were altogether more than 250 people. The moderator of the conference was acting. Nikolay Sevastyanov, First Deputy General Director of Roscosmos State Corporation, who outlined the program of the meeting.

Opening speech delivered by Dmitry Rogozin, at the very beginning of which he cited Academician Andrei Sakharov: “Life is an expansion.” He also stressed that the Russian cosmos is the crown of self-identification of our people.

“We have always considered ourselves to be the first nation, and the violation of this tradition has always been very painfully perceived by our society. Therefore, we must understand that following this tradition is an element of our enormous moral responsibility, “said Dmitry Rogozin.

The General Director of the State Corporation noted that Russia has a reason for pride in space: the military space, the GLONASS system and the Vostochny Cosmodrome, which is necessary to develop and transfer almost all launches to it as soon as possible.

The head of Roscosmos stressed that there were problems. According to him, “first of all – in the loss of quality. As a consequence – accidents on a mass-produced and long-established technology. Among these mistakes I will refer also to the lack of due reaction to market changes, reduction of orders. Many such giant enterprises, such as the Khrunichev Center, did not manage to optimize production in time, to adjust to the reduction of orders. As a result – a financial failure. ”

Therefore Dmitry Rogozin has developed ten principles on which the State Corporation will work:

  1. High exactingness and special control over the execution of GOZ.
  2. The state corporation will become a direct participant of all contracts of customers.
  3. Roscosmos will create a technical customer management.
  4. The executive directors and deputy directors of the state corporation will necessarily join the boards of directors of the leading enterprises.
  5. Roscosmos will create a Board of Innovators under the State Corporation to ensure the scientific organization of labor in enterprises and use of best practices.
  6. The state corporation will give up space long-term construction and dead-end directions of development.
  7. Roscosmos is a diversified corporation that will work to diversify production.
  8. State corporation Roscosmos will create a department for prospective studies to meet the needs of technical progress in the field of military economic and scientific space together with the Foundation for Advanced Studies.
  9. Active cooperation with Rosatom in creating alternative energy sources, special strategic materials, radiation-resistant electronic component base and supercomputer technologies.
  10. Working with private investors and creating a council for public-private partnership.

Also, Io. First Deputy Director General of Roscosmos Nikolay Sevastyanov, who spoke about the directions of work on rethinking the production system, pricing in the space industry and improving the quality. He also said that the flight tests of the family of the newest Russian carrier rockets “Angara” will be completed after six launches.

The general designer of the GLONASS system Sergey Karutin said during the speech that the development of the new-generation GLONASS-K2 spacecraft has been completed.

Deputy Head of the Analytical Center under the Government of Russia Yuri Urlichich in detail told about the prospects of the global system “SPHERE” for business and the population of Russia.

Deputy General Director of Roscosmos for Automatic Systems and Complexes Mikhail Khailov spoke about the prospects for the exploration of the Moon and Mars, as well as the launch of the unique scientific astrophysical space laboratory “Spectrum-UV.”

And the executive director for manned space programs Sergey Krikalev did not rule out the transfer of the new Federation spacecraft to the Angara carrier rocket, since the Eastern infrastructure for this type of missile was designed with a manned version.