New Virgin Galactic Video

Video Caption: The creation of a hybrid rocket motor system for SpaceShipTwo represented a significant engineering challenge. We are particularly proud that we designed and now test and manufacture this world class motor in house. Come meet the team behind the burn…the Rocket Guys.

  • Vladislaw

    Lets test it then .. make that run to the karman line..

  • Paul_Scutts

    Understandably, they are being very cautious with their development, Vlad. But, I know what you mean. I wish them well and would very much like them to succeed with the development of a safe and reliable SS2 system. Regards, Paul.

  • Jacob Samorodin

    Human faces revealed behind the engineering efforts. Yea, I got tired of reading clinical impersonal opinions about engineering and technical issues….Now if only online journalism could have its human face revealed.

  • Ignacio Rockwill

    Cool. I’ve slung my fair share of snark VG’s way, but this was a cool video. That vertical test stand that uses what looks like whole empennage of SS2 is impressive. I think they can be successful with a hybrid. I think it was the wrong choice and large hybdrids are a dead-end technology, but I think SS2 will be successful.

  • Michael Halpern

    well maybe not dead end tech, but certainly limited application. My main criticism is that it has to be human piloted, as to the success, I think SS2 will be achieve technical success, but business success is unclear, yes they’ve sold tickets, but even if New Sheppard wasn’t a thing, tourism is something I dont think a business model can completely be built around there has to be something else, as there are only so many people who can afford to lighten their wallets on a trip to space, and would be interested in it.

  • Ignacio Rockwill

    Yes, good qualification – technical success.

  • publiusr

    I would have liked this better

    Dream chaser changed a lot..

    AMROC wanted larger hybrids. There was a concept for a three stage vehicle–with the LOX tank just below the payload–and the stages beneath were just tire rubber–from the book that also gave us EUCLID