• ThomasLMatula

    Looks like there is going to be a good old bureaucratic turf war over space debris…


    FCC commissioner questions regulator’s omission from National Space Council

    by Caleb Henry

    April 17, 2018

    “Rosenworcel said space debris, a topic Vice President Michael Pence addressed in a speech Monday at the 34th Space Symposium, is a topic the FCC “needs to tackle.” The FCC weighs space debris concerns when licensing satellites to use radiofrequency spectrum in the United States. In his speech, Pence said the National Space Council has put together “the first comprehensive space traffic management policy,” and will soon send it to President Donald
    Trump for approval.”

    Recall the reason for the FCC rejecting Swarm’s satellite license was because of the worry it would be difficult to track as debris, not because of their frequency not being available. Since no one assigned space debris regulation to FCC the swarm may well have a good lawsuit against the FCC over rejection of the license, particularly as it now looks like they were just collateral damage in this emerging turf fight over space debris.


    Former Google engineer’s start-up slammed by FCC for unauthorized satellite launch

    “According to the IEEE Spectrum report, Serafini raised concern to the company that the miniaturized technology would be difficult to track in orbit because the satellites are so small — about the size of a home internet router. Swarm tried to make the satellites easier to track,
    both trying GPS locators and experimental radar reflectors, according to the report. But Serafini raised concerns about both methods, and the FCC therefore dismissed Swarm’s application.”