Orbital ATK Announces New Mission Extension Pods

Video Caption: During this year’s SATELLITE 2018 Conference and Exhibition, Orbital ATK, a leader in the emerging space logistics market, debuted the next generation of in-orbit satellite serving technology with the introduction of Mission Extension Pods (MEPs)™ and the Mission Robotic Vehicle (MRV)™. These two products join Orbital ATK’s Mission Extension Vehicle (MEV)™, creating a suite of in-orbit satellite servicing products focused on extending the life of existing satellites.

  • Bulldog

    That is very cool. Great concept. Would it also provide end-of-life deorbit capability?

  • BeanCounterFromDownUnder

    Yes great concepts. Where’s the hardware? Where’s the missions? Where’re the customers? Just say in’.

  • Search

    This is an ad for what they are intending to field. All companies do that with the products they intend to roll out and across all industries. Orbital has already sold two of their MEVs which appear to be more capable cousins of this. There are other companies trying to field similar concepts.

  • Michael Halpern

    Actually the MEVs are less capable, yes they can provide attitude control, but they can only service 1 sat at a time, this is basically a MEV with a robotic arm and 12 cubesats designed to provide the target vessel with station keeping thrust, after the 12 are deployed you still have a MEV

  • Michael Halpern

    Most likely