Arch Mission Library Launches Aboard Falcon Heavy

Arch Mission Foundation from Arch Mission Foundation on Vimeo.

The Falcon Heavy rocket launched more than just a Red Tesla Roadster into space. It also carried a copy of the Isaac Asimov Foundation Trilogy launched by the Arch Mission Foundation.

Our goal at the Arch Mission Foundation™ is to permanently archive human knowledge for thousands to billions of years. We exist to preserve and disseminate humanity’s knowledge across time and space, for the benefit of future generations.

To accomplish this we have begun building special Arch™ libraries (pronounced: “Arks”). Our first Arch libraries are data crystals that last billions of years. We plan to use many media types over time however — whatever material is the best available for the goal.

We are very happy to announce that our first Arch library, containing the Isaac Asimov Foundation Trilogy, was carried as payload on today’s SpaceX Falcon Heavy launch, enroute to permanent orbit around the Sun.

We are eternally grateful to Elon Musk and his incredible team for advocating the Arch Mission Foundation and giving us our first ride into space.

  • Carlton Stephenson

    Thousands of years from now, some space-faring civilization comes upon the husk of Musk’s roadster orbiting a yellow sun:

    “There is no sentient life in the system, but it is littered with metallic debris which show that was not always the case. On the fourth planet in particular, there are ruins where sentient life once caught but then lost a foothold, and the radiation that covers the third planet looks like a recent phenomenon. This roadster though, it doesn’t leave the story of what happened here up to astropologists. It bears the partial archives of a once great race called ‘humans’, a race that began on the radioactive orb and, with the help of ‘human’iform intelligent machines, once populated the galaxy. We think that means the whole thing is now Gaia.

    1. We can find no evidence of the stated ‘human’ expansion in the rest of the galaxy, or of the ‘robots’ that should have persisted.
    2. Why are we calling it a ‘roadster’? What’s a road?”