• ThomasLMatula

    Congratulations! Wonder if they will launch before the two commercial missions they have scheduled for next week. Or if they were also delayed by the shutdown.

  • Zed_WEASEL

    The commercial launches are going up from LC-40, probably delay a few days from the shutdown. The static fires for them got set back a few days.

  • Mr Snarky Answer

    Looks like we are inside 6 months. The first time that statement means something.

  • ReSpaceAge

    dtarsgeorge • 3m
    With SpaceX having a solar farm in Brownsville, seems to me, that in the future they may want to expand the farm to produce enough power to make their own methane and liquid oxygen for BFR/BFS. I have heard lots of talk of SpaceX making fuel on Mars but none about earth? I know cost of fuel is small change in the cost of launch today, but in the future it seems to me that it may become a bigger factor for BFR/BFS. Anyway I can’t see SpaceX buying methane and oxygen from outside venders when they could make it themselves. Any links to such discussions would be appreciated.

    Hoping to hop in the car and go watch this launch from Jetty Park to get a good view of two returning boosters.
    Maybe even hang around to watch first FH center core return to Port Canaveral


  • Tom Billings

    ” Anyway I can’t see SpaceX buying methane and oxygen from outside
    venders when they could make it themselves. Any links to such
    discussions would be appreciated.”

    Methane can be purchased from the port facility being built 7 kilometers from the Gulf, basically right next door to the Brownsville SpaceX launch site. These folks are to begin shipping millions of tons of LNG by 2020 for export.


    It is possible that SpaceX may want to do the cleanup that turns LNG to pure Methane themselves, or they might purchase that service from the Texas LNG facility. The LOX, which is the majority of propellant, may be a different matter, but it is, along with facilities to make it, a common enough industrial plant that SpaceX can purchase either a plant or LOX itself straight away whenever they need it.

    The demo facility for making LOX and Methane on Mars will have to be placed *somewhere*, but I have no idea where, or when, that will happen.

  • duheagle

    Yes. Both natural gas and liquid oxygen are readily obtainable industrial commodities. “Refining” natural gas into pure methane is going to occur as an inevitable byproduct of liquifying it and chilling it further to densify it anyway.

  • windbourne

    Makes zero sense in using LNG. LNG takes piped NG, and then simply liquefies it by dropping temp. Then you have to raise temp, converting back to NG, which would be a HUGE waste of energy.
    Instead, they will simply get a pipeline from the cleaned up NatGas and use that with a bit of filtering.
    LOX will be interesting. Once they start flying BFR monthly or more, it strikes me that it will be cheaper to provide it themselves.
    In fact, they might want to set that up at Kennedy/Canaveral as well.

  • windbourne

    simple filtration will do the trick. There is no need to liquefy.