• Bulldog

    Heartbreaking news. Perhaps NASA’s most talented Astronaut to date. Godspeed Capt. Young.

  • Paul_Scutts

    Agreed, Bulldog, every time he was interviewed his very dry wit always came across loud and clear. Regards, Paul.

  • ThomasLMatula

    Sad news. He was one of the greats of both the Apollo and Shuttle Era. I was fortunate to meet him once at ASCE conference. He gave a great talk on the importance of lunar exploration.

  • Steve Durst

    Commander and Moon Worker John W. Young was awarded the
    “Astronaut of the Century” memorial trophy by the International Lunar
    Observatory Association of Hawai’i in 2012 and has served instructively and
    inspirationally as ILOA DIrector Emeritus since addressing the ILOA Founders
    Meeting in 2007.

    John cared deeply, thought and spoke profoundly for our Human future, and in
    his wry, terse comments and prescient, penetrating vision, reminded us that
    “Single planet species don’t last”, that “The Moon will save us”.

    Ad Astra, John, and brilliantly done — with sympathy and appreciation for Suzy/Family,

    Steve Durst
    ILOA / Galaxy Forum
    Space Age Publishing Company

  • Allen Newcomb

    And then there were 5.

    Let’s add to the list of living moonwalkers before it goes to zero.

  • CanadaGoose1

    He was sad to see we haven’t pressed on to Mars. Maybe Trump will pick up the torch. Just watched Apollo 13 again. Crazy people on top of that huge Saturn rocket.

  • windbourne

    The likelihood of that is quite low, unless CONgress and Trump purposely funds it.
    And I would not count on that.

  • windbourne

    Condolences to the Family and Friends.
    RIP Cpt Young and thanx for the work that you did.

  • Michael Halpern

    The likelihood of adding to the list of living moon VISITORS before it reaches 0 is somewhat higher, that is, people whom have been in cislunar space, I suspect the number will go up by 2 in 2019, as much as I want it to be this year like it was announced to happen, the SpaceX lunar tourist mission is in delay prone status,

  • Jeff2Space

    And the Gemini era. He flew four different spacecraft during his career: Gemini, Apollo CSM, Apollo LEM, and the Space Shuttle.

  • Larry J

    He flew six missions and seven liftoffs. He was one of twelve men to walk on the moon. He was one of seven men to orbit the moon alone. He was one of three men to fly to the moon twice. Quite a career.