World View Balloon Ruptures, Rattles the Neighbors

World View launches its first Stratollite balloon from Spaceport Tucson. (Credit: World View)

World View has released an expanded statement about a balloon explosion that rattled windows and walls near their facility in Tucson:

Following the completion of a successful fill test on the launch pad, during the process of releasing gas from the balloon, a World View test article ruptured.

There were no injuries, however, two World View employees reported ringing in their ears and were referred to a local Urgent Care for evaluation.

We also now know that some damage has been reported by a few residents and businesses in the area in
addition to superficial facility damage at the site and we will be proactively coordinating with the parties affected.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this incident may have caused our local neighbours. We are
working to fully understand the cause of the incident to ensure that it cannot and will not happen again.