Video: ARCA Space Founder Defends Self Against Fraud Charges

Video Caption: ARCA’s CEO, Dumitru Popescu, addresses the recent charges brought against him by the New Mexico Securities Division, and what it means for ARCA.

  • Jimmy S. Overly

    This is still weird.

  • Mr Snarky Answer

    This is where the ARCA video series does a segue into Popescu’s trial vs testing the aerospike engine (which is basically a joke).

  • Hemingway

    According to the New Mexico Secretary of State Corporation database, Dumitru Popescu is the Treasurer, CEO, President and Chairman of the Board of ARCA Space Corporation. The only person affiliated with this company is a Solanth Martell.

  • Hemingway

    This was interesting – ARCA was able to procure 300,000 euros from the BRD bank in Romania to carry out a project for the launch of the first Romanian space rocket able to land on the Moon and beam pictures to the Earth. BRD was involved in a money laundering scandal at the time. Maybe this bank was as gullible as New Mexico. This is pure lunacy! This is a translation from Romanian.

    27 octombrie 2009
    BRD supporting launch of first Romanian space rocket to Moon
    BRD – Groupe Societe Generale and the Association of Romanian Space Science and Aeronautics (ARCA) have concluded a three-year partnership to support the implementation of innovative technologies and the promotion of ARCA projects in the area of astronautics research, the bank reports in a press release. Under this partnership, BRD will provide 300,000 euros to ARCA in sponsorships to carry out a project for the launch of the first Romanian space rocket able to land on the Moon and beam pictures to the Earth. The new partnership, the bank says, is a reaffirmation of BRD’s support for Romanian achievements in the field of sciences at a time when research and education are in need of major funding.
    The bank has so far supported, under social responsibility projects, numerous arts, sports and science programmes. The bank has launched this year the ‘Heavyweights Wanted’ projects to support people with high potentials for great achievements in various fields. ‘Many of us are living with the impression that achieving high performance in Romania in the field of sciences is almost impossible.
    After you have met the young people of ARCA you realise that this is no longer valid. Innovation, courage and performance are the values we have identified aplenty in this team, and these are the values on which BRD also set great price, and that is why we are supporting those who want to do big things. This project may further Romania’s name in the are of aeronautics, given the achievements of Traian Vuia, Henri Coanda and Aurel Vlaicu, and that is why it deserves the support of the entire Romanian society,’ says BRD Deputy General Manager Claudiu Cercel.
    ARCA Chairman Dumitru Popescu says, ‘BRD is a partner with a vision that appreciates innovation, creativity and support development. These are exactly the elements ARCA is also treasuring and supporting. Together we can make fascinating things of which Romanians will be proud in the years ahead.’ ARCA will soon perform the first tests on Helen, the first Romanian space rocket to be launched to the Moon.
    BRD-Groupe Societe Generale is the second largest bank in Romania in terms of assets. The bank has 2.6 million clients, operating 935 outlets. BRD is also the second largest company in terms of market capitalisation floated on the Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB). BRD is part of the Societe Generale Group, one of the largest financial groups in the Euro zone.
    ARCA is an NGO, a national leader in the area of aerospace research. ARCA has been a regular participant since 2003 in the Ansari X Prize, the world’s mot important astronautics contest, as a major contestant. The announcement of the Romanian team’s registration for the contest was made at the World Congress of Astronautics in Houston, Texas. ARCA has successfully tested the first rocket subassemblies, becoming in 2004 the second team in the contest to launch a rocket propelled by liquid fuel.
    In 2005, ARCA initiated the Stabilo concept of spherical module rocket that increases efficiency of flight. Since 2008, ARCA has also been a contestant in the Go ogle Lunar X Prize as the only national team running in all the X Prize stages.
    ARCA is said to have impressed the science world by its ability to carry out major projects on small funds, including the launch of the world’s first eco-friendly rocket equipped with a reusable engine of composite materials; the launch of the largest Sun balloon and the devise of the Stabilo concept of rocket building that entails modular spheres that provide maximum flight efficiency and increased security.

  • Hemingway

    It is hard to believe but the Federal government gave a contract to ARCA for its ARCABoard

  • Elliot R.

    What exactly makes the Arca board a questionable invention. It does fly does it not?

  • Terry Stetler

    Let’s not forget their involvement in the ExoMars fiasco

  • Search

    Seems this guy may be a space swindler and someone got a hold of him and will bring charges. All industries have swindlers and space is not any different nor somehow “above it”.

  • Hemingway