• SamuelRoman13

    The Mars free return mission by the Tabors might be considered tourism. The launch date according to a paper I read is 1/5/18. FH. All this Tesla stuff may be a smoke screen. They have had 5 years to get ready. So they would have a plan. No NASA approval and FAA only requires they only sign a waiver. Whether SpaceX can carry it out is the question. Fantasy, I know.

  • Cliff Shadow

    She sounds exactly like a bureaucrat and the spouse of an unreasonable egomaniac former NASA Flight Director.

  • Douglas Messier

    That project is deceased far as I know.

  • SamuelRoman13

    As far as I know also. They could not raise the funds. The Sun orbit FH is using sounds like the same orbit. The Tesla might be coming back in 500 days.It is curious it will launch about the time they said. The orbit follows Mars for some time and comes as close as Musk has said. This is the shortest time until ’31. There are several others coming up before then, just not as good. One even goes to Venus.