Blue Origin Partners With PARC to Accelerate Space R&D

New Shepard in flight (Credit: Blue Origin)

PALO ALTO, CA, Dec. 05, 2017 (PARC PR) — PARC, a Xerox company, today announced its partnership with Blue Origin to enhance awareness and interest in the vast possibilities made possible by conducting R&D in space. The partnership will leverage PARC’s expertise in technology innovation and Blue Origin’s reusable suborbital rocket, New Shepard, to push new frontiers in four areas of technology R&D: advanced manufacturing, energy systems, human-machine interaction, and predictive analytics.

“This is an exciting partnership at an exciting time,” said Austin Pugh, Senior Director of Global Business Development at PARC. “We look forward to working with Blue Origin’s world class team of scientists and engineers on gaining new insights from performing R&D in space. When a truly multi-disciplinary team of scientists come together to think about how to tackle big challenges, the possibilities are endless.”

The two will work together in “Accelerating Research in Space” (ARIS) to market joint R&D opportunities to PARC’s global 1000 partners and government agencies. The ultimate goal is to include an advanced technology R&D experiment on one of Blue Origin’s upcoming suborbital flights.

“PARC’s history of innovation makes them a fantastic partner for Blue Origin’s vision of opening the space frontier to new technologies, new science, and new people,” said Erika Wagner, Blue Origin’s Business Development Manager. “We look forward to adding space access to PARC’s toolbox of R&D capabilities.”

PARC will establish an ARIS working group to focus on generating new technology concepts that would benefit from performing investigations in spaceflight environments. Together, the multidisciplinary group of scientists will build an understanding of commercial space Payload Lockers and begin scoping potential experiments to bring new understandings about how technologies behave in space, as well as how they may enable future generations of advanced space systems that support PARC’s commercial and government partners.

About PARC

PARC, a Xerox company, is in the Business of Breakthroughs®. Practicing open innovation, we provide custom R&D services, technology, expertise, best practices, and intellectual property to Fortune 500 and Global 1000 companies, startups, and government agencies and partners. We create new business options, accelerate time to market, augment internal capabilities, and reduce risk for our clients. Since its inception, PARC has pioneered many technology platforms – from the Ethernet and laser printing to the GUI and ubiquitous computing – and has enabled the creation of many industries. Incorporated as an independent, wholly owned subsidiary of Xerox in 2002, PARC today continues the research that enables breakthroughs for our clients’ businesses.

About Blue Origin

Blue Origin, LLC (Blue Origin) is a private company empowered by a vision where millions of people are living and working in space. To achieve our vision, we strive to enable commercial human space transportation by developing reusable rocket engines and launch vehicles that will dramatically lower the cost of access to space. For more information and a list of job openings, please visit us at

  • WhoAmI

    Why does this sound like a huge effort for this solution to find a problem?

  • Jimmy S. Overly

    When are you flying again, Blue? It’s been over a year.

  • delphinus100

    They have this way of surprising us with a fait accompli. I’m hoping for one.

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  • Aerospike

    My guess: They are currently focused on
    *) BE-4
    *) Building the factory for New Glenn
    *) Getting tooling for New Glenn and start building parts (at least prototypes).
    (in that order)

    New Shepard really isn’t a priority for them anymore. They have demonstrated that the system works and if someone wants to buy a flight (at least for unmanned experiments) I guess they will be happy to provide that flight, but the suborbital market just isn’t a priority for them. Just like SpaceX abandoned Falcon1 to focus on Falcon9.

    Ironic how Blue Origin used to be those guys that get mocked for being “just another suborbital tourism company” and not a serious (new) space company like SpaceX, and now that they are focusing on their first orbital vehicle, people complain that they aren’t flying suborbital often enough. 😉

  • Jimmy S. Overly

    Do you think it’s possible that New Shepard never enters commercial service as Blue shifts its focus to New Glenn and its orbital launch capability?

  • Vladislaw

    Bezos stated that with a couple New Shepards they could fly every other day…

    If they could sell tickets for that many flights it would be over 300 million a year in revenue… not something to sneeze at..

  • Jacob Samorodin

    This is a useful tip for you, and for Doug Messier. A blogger who goes by the username, anthonycolangelo, the host of the “Main Engine Cutoff” blog, has inside connections
    with well-known aerospace companies like Blue Origin…He’s ‘hinted’ that BO will
    likely do a seventh launch of the New Shepard before the end of the year. A caveat being that there is no explicit statement to that effect from BO.

  • ThomasLMatula

    They are working on upgrades to the latest version. I suspect they will fly shortly. Remember, “Gradatim Ferociter”!

  • Paul451

    And yet… they don’t.