NASA Sets Orion Abort Test for April…2019

Video Caption: In a test targeted for April 2019 known as Ascent Abort-2, NASA will verify the Orion spacecraft’s launch abort system, a tower on top of the crew module, can steer the capsule and astronauts inside it to safety in the event of an issue with the Space Launch System rocket when the spacecraft is under the highest aerodynamic loads it will experience during ascent for deep-space missions. The test is quick, fast and high, lasting less than three minutes with the test crew module reaching an average speed of Mach 1.5, roughly 1020 miles per hour, at approximately 32,000 feet in altitude.

  • Jimmy S. Overly

    Anybody know what the booster for this test is?

  • Paul451

    Given that it’s all CG, I wonder what motivated them to use the shallow-focal-plane scale-model look. “Calling International Rescue.”

  • Zed_WEASEL

    Think it is a government furbished Peacekeeper 1st stage motor (SR-118). Orbital-ATK Castor 120 equivalent.

  • Kirk

    It’s got its own Wikipedia article:

    Orbital ATK is assembling if from “a single stage Peacekeeper missile first stage motor [SR118] inside an Aero-Shell to replicate the
    Orion Service Module 5.5 meter diameter. Ballast plates are used to
    increase the weight of the vehicle to mimic ascent acceleration of the
    Space Launch System”

  • Kirk

    I know that they have tested the parachute system separately, but it seems strange that they don’t include them in an all-up abort test.

  • publiusr

    Little Joe III