Video of Interorbital Rocket Propellant Tank Filament Winding

Video Caption: This video show the process of Winding a rocket propellant tanks with a carbon-composite filament winder entirely built ( hardware and software) by Interorbital Systems (IOS).

  • Lee

    Not sure “hypnotic” is the right word to describe this video. “Boring” might be more appropriate, especially the parts showing ad infinitum the helical layer laydown.

  • I call it satisfying.

  • Eric R.

    I gotta say, if they were beginners at the start of the wind, they were practically experts by the end… and then they added the shrink (stretch) tape with the same lead as the hoop? that’s allotta shrink (stretch) tape… and bridging at the polar openings? Wow

  • Eric R.

    mindnumbingly satisfying… lol

  • publiusr

    Who got Bea’ls fimament winding machine?