SSI Offering Gerard K. O’Neill’s The High Frontier & 2081 for Free

SSI President Gary C Hudson shows the evolution of reading… as predicted in the book 2081 (Credit: SSI)

A note from our friends at The Space Studies Institute

We broke the news yesterday for SSI Associates to get their jump start and now it’s open for everyone:

For a limited time The Space Studies Institute is giving away the Kindle editions of Gerard K. O’Neill’s 2081 and The High Frontier for free!

2081, an amazing look at the future rising around us, and The High Frontier, the cornerstone book of the NewSpace generation, are both regularly priced at $6.99 USD but right now they are  online around the planet for free download from the websites and Kindle stores.

For details on 2081, just jump down to the previous SSI Blog post and as for The High Frontier, well, if you haven’t heard of it then it’s time you laid the right foundation in your Space education.

Gerard K. O’Neill’s The High Frontier is a landmark book.  A stunning, readable treatise.

Space is the place where there are no limits  and where benefits to ALL of Humanity – everywhere – are free for the using with no need to harm anyone.

Sound far fetched? Sound naively Utopian and absolutely unachievable? Until a person actually reads The High Frontier for themselves, they should be careful about jumping to conclusions.

In The High Frontier, Princeton Nuclear Physicist Gerard K. O’Neill asks the famous question:

“Is a planetary surface, any planetary surface,
really the best place for an expanding technological civilization?”

And then he systematically looks at what it means for a civilization to expand, what such a civilization truly needs for real positive growth, and finds that all of those requirements and more are in no way out of reach.

Professor O’Neill makes this book of real science and real technology readable by most everyone by using fascinating “Letters From Space” followed by clear explanations of the hows and whys.  O’Neill was a world-renowned scientist but he had the gift to make even the most technical information completely understandable.

If you’ve never personally read 2081 and The High Frontier, you are in for a truly amazing experience. If you haven’t read them in a while then now is a great time to refresh your memories!

To get your free copies, log into your account using your web browser or start the Kindle Store in your Kindle app or device to search for the “O’Neill Kindle 2081″ and “O’Neill Kindle The High Frontier”.

Make sure you see that the price of the books are $0.00 (zero).

Click on the Buy Now button.  Note that the Buy Now is not the one for the kindleunlimited subscription program.

“Sync” your Kindle device or app to see your new books in your bookshelf and click them to begin the downloads.

They’re all yours so Start Reading!

Read on your Android, iOS or Windows Phone while in line at the grocery then pick up where you left off while relaxing at home with your tablet then start right up again on your Kindle Fire, Voyager or DX and even steal a few minutes at work using the Kindle program on your full Mac or Windows PC.

Pass the word!

The Space Studies Institute is giving away the Kindle editions of Gerard K. O’Neill’s 2081 and The High Frontier.

Twitter the news, Blog it, Facebook it, email it, spread the word and do it today!

These are the expected 2081 Kindle edition pages:
In the US:
Amazon CanadaAmazon UK,
Amazon GermanyAmazon France,
Amazon SpainAmazon Italy,
Amazon Netherlands Amazon Japan,
Amazon BrazilAmazon Mexico,
Amazon Australia and Amazon India

These are the expected pages for The High Frontier Kindle edition:
In the US:
Amazon CanadaAmazon UK,
Amazon GermanyAmazon France,
Amazon SpainAmazon Italy,
Amazon NetherlandsAmazon Japan,
Amazon BrazilAmazon Mexico,
Amazon Australia and Amazon India

The clock is ticking on this limited time offer, get yours now and tell your friends!

important notes: Amazon Kindle promotions may not be available in all countries or areas, as of this writing it appears that all of the Amazon links above are showing the price as zero but the exact countries and timings are up to Amazon. Due to the way eCommerce systems work, Start and End times of free book promotions can not be exactly specified.  SSI Kindle editions are available in many countries but at this time the texts are only available in English.

  • DONE! (I’d been meaning to get THF anyway, so WHY NOT!?!)

  • Paul_Scutts

    Thanks for the heads up, Doug, both downloaded.

  • No problem. Please spread the word.

  • Please spread the word!

  • ThomasLMatula

    Hopefully they will expand this to other classics. I would love to see Danridge Cole’s “Islands in Space: Challenge of the Planetoids” made available to a new generation.

    Have they given any thought to doing an audio version of either one? Audio books are very popular among commuters and travelers, so it would expand the audience even more for it.

  • Anne Hudson

    Yep. In process. These things take time to do a professional job. Especially for an all voluteer organization where everyone has day jobs. If you wanna kick in a few bucks for the cause you know where to find us…

  • ThomasLMatula

    Anne, please post the donation link.

  • Anne Hudson

    Check us out on Facebook or go to and scroll down to the bottom of the home page. You can join the organization with an annual membership or pick a project you’d like to support. Any amount is appreciated and is, of course, fully tax deductible. Hint – an updated G-Lab design is being presented at the American Society of Gravitational and Space Research in Seattle in October. And the Exotic Propulsion Intiative NIAC grant work is being presented at the public NIAC meeting in Boulder, CO at the end of this month. Thanks for your support!

  • ThomasLMatula

    Thanks, I will check it out later.