• Andrew Tubbiolo

    In the words of my hero Flounder from “Animal House”….


  • Carlton Stephenson

    Soo…. we no wait till November then?

  • Emmet Ford

    Required mods to SLC-39 are estimated to take 60 days, but that clock won’t start running until LC-40 is back online. This leads me to believe that we won’t see the Falcon Heavy launch before December.

  • Mr Snarky Answer

    60 days isn’t hard a fast but other issues can crop up. They need to get a static fire done on 39A to prove they understand the 27 engine startup dynamics among other things. Once they have one or two static fires to prove out the dynamics that is when the launch date should be fairly firm.

  • Emmet Ford

    Here’s an article published today that sites an unsourced projection that LC-40 “will likely be reactivated in October”: https://www.teslarati.com/spacex-four-operational-launch-pad-construction-2018/.