CloudIX Looks to Serve CubeSat Market

Credit: CloudIX

There’s a new startup looking to serve the growing small satellite market. CloudIX (Cloud Nine) is developing a system that dispenses with a ground-based first stage in favor of launching a rocket from a balloon.

“The benefit of being launched at high altitude (135,000ft/41km) is dramatically reduced air resistance, allowing higher rocket altitudes that weren’t previously possible at this scale,” the company says on its website.

CloudIX says it can deploy 16 1U CubeSats or a 50-lb payload to an altitude of 220 miles (355 km).  Mobile deployment will allow for the deployment of satellites into a variety of orbital planes, the company said.

CloudIX is headquartered in Hayward, Calif.

  • Kenneth_Brown

    This idea never seems to go away no matter how much VC capital is thrown at it. With Launcher One, Stratalaunch and a new iteration of Sea Launch, there may be a glut of small satellite launch capability.

  • Aerospike

    and Rocket Lab and Vector and maybe Interorbital Systems …
    (just to name those who have already flown at least some prototypes)

  • IamGrimalkin

    Sea Launch and Stratolaunch don’t do small-lift launch vehicles, from what I can find. Those are medium-lift.

    The others do, but even within the small-lift bracket there could be divisions. The Vector-R has twice the capability of Cloud IX’s vehicle, only Interorbital Systems of that list is hoping to build a vehicle (Neptune 3) with a directly comparable capability.