U.S. Air Force Secretary Visits Mojave, Tours Stratolaunch

If Stratolaunch only had a rocket worthy of the ginormous carrier aircraft they built. No offense to Orbital ATK and the Pegasus XL, but that’s not what this thing was built for. Maybe they will develop one eventually.

  • Dave Salt

    As the lifting capacity of Stratolaunch is similar to the An-225 (i.e. 250t), maybe they should revive the Interim HoToL concept to enable a fully reusable launch system…

    …assuming there’s someone with deep enough pockets to fund it?

  • publiusr

    Heh–they’re just measuring stuff for the next-gen MOAB this thing is actually going to carry over Iran.

  • patb2009

    You could sling a big bomb under that thing but it’s one big target.