• HyperJ

    Ha! 🙂

  • Robert G. Oler


  • Allen Newcomb

    I’ve run into Buzz a number of times, once in the bathroom at a space event. He walked in right behind me and I thought, OMG, this is my chance to talk to Buzz one on one. What have I always wanted to say to Buzz Aldrin? But I couldn’t think of anything to say, finished my business, and left without saying a word. I rejoined my colleagues and explained my failure. Without skipping a beat, one of them said, “You should have said, ‘Buzz, this time YOU go first!’ “.

  • delphinus100

    But…he is,

    What *I* hate is that Gene Cernan didn’t live long enough to no longer be the *last* man on the Moon.

  • James

    I have a friend who is well right of center. Nice women, smart, and she is from Indiana and she said NO ONE there liked pence…….erg…