This Week in Trump’s War on Reality

Screen shot of Scientific American website

This week the world was treated to starkly different headlines about the future of the planet and the Trump Administration’s actions about it. Above is a story about a report on the rapid warming of the Arctic region, with dire consequences for the planet.

Meanwhile, the Trump Administration’s response is to pretend the problem doesn’t exist and hope it simply goes away.

Screen shot of The Washington Post website.

The EPA says the climate science website has been taken down for retooling. There’s little doubt that when it returns, it will rewritten to conform with the Trump Administration’s political judgment that climate change is nothing to be concerned about rather than the scientific consensus that the threat is real, worsening and potentially catastrophic to the planet.

The position becomes increasing untenable as the data pile up. Critics point to uncertainties in the climate models, but those are not enough to negate the clear evidence that we’ve got a serious problem on our hands that we can’t avoid addressing indefinitely.

For those who may claim this story has nothing to do with space, you are wrong. NASA and NOAA are in the thick of the gathering meteorological and climate data the EPA and other agencies use to determine policy. The Trump Administration has proposed cancelling three NASA climate missions and deep cuts at NOAA.

It also highly likely that it is only a matter of time before NASA’s website is scrubbed of climate change information in the same way the EPA’s website is being rewritten.

  • duheagle

    An increase in CO2 will raise the average temperature of the planet, but only very slightly. Water vapor is a much more efficient greenhouse gas than CO2. The computerized climate models that have consistently failed to predict even the past and the present, never mind the future, all take it as a given that CO2 rise will trigger a rise in atmospheric water vapor that will account for most of the predicted warming. The problem is that actual measurements don’t support the assumptions built into the models.

    The only thing the extra CO2 seems unambiguously responsible for is increased vegetation growth, including crops. Better crop yields hardly seem worthy of wailing and gnashing of teeth.

  • Flatley

    The raw data are readily available. I agree that any adjustment is a fraught process, but the fact is that you have to adjust for time of day, instrument bias, station location, etc. If you go looking for non-alarmist sources (e.g. not Anthony Watts) on the matter, the adjustments seem to make sense.

    Example: (I don’t like linking to blogs but this seems like a good source. A quick scan of Wiki on Curry indicates she’s been somewhat critical of IPCC in the past for their underestimation of prediction uncertainty).

  • Douglas Messier

    There are a ton of studies, observations, data and things that are actually happening now that support global warming being real, serious and caused by human activity. The goal of the other side is to muck up the waters and cast doubt and accuse scientists of bias and fraud.

    The tobacco industry did this successfully for decades. The same thing is happening here.

  • Douglas Messier

    Adolf Hitler?

    You do know he’s dead, right? And that he died decades before CNN was launched.

    Wait, I’m assuming facts (and intelligence) not in evidence.

    My apologies.

    I’m clearly expecting far too much.

  • Kapitalist

    I am just pointing out the fact that melting sea ice does not cause rising sea level. You are thoughtlessly spreading stupid fake propaganda that has been made up in order to scare people. It is amazing that you refuse to correct your mistake! It reveals that you are a religious climate doomsday believer without any mental ability for critical thinking.

  • Kapitalist

    You wright that Trump pretends as if “the problem” doesn’t exist. Well, the problem is that you PRETEND that there exists a problem! You want to believe that doomsday is coming. That’s That might have its emotional and psychological explanations, but it has no kind of contact wit reality.