Smallsat Symposium Coverage Today

I am in Mountain View today and tomorrow for the Smallsat Symposium. Will be live Tweeting at

Morning Sessions
All Times PST

8:15 am
The State of the Small Satellite Industry
Today’s small satellite industry demands sound business and financial practices. How do we best cultivate dependable practices? Panelists explore the various types of small satellites (Nano, Pico, Cube, Etc.), their leading applications, as well as trending uses in each subset. How do we define the small satellite marketplace and what is its size? How much new growth can come from small satellites and which segments and markets represent the greatest opportunities? What “traditional” types of capacity and services are changed by the growth in small satellites? Importantly, how do small satellites affect the satellite market as a whole?

Moderator: Randy Segal, Partner, Hogan Lovells
Speaker: Phil Carrai, President, KRATOS – Technology and Training Solutions
Speaker: Carissa Christensen, Managing Partner, The Tauri Group
Speaker: Debra Facktor Lepore, VP and GM of Strategic Operations and Commercial Aerospace, Ball Aerospace
Speaker: John Serafini, Chief Executive Officer, HawkEye 360
Speaker: Carlos Niederstrasser, Business Development & Special Initiatives, Orbital ATK

9:30 am
Financing Small Satellite Operations
Investment in small satellite ventures originates from a variety of avenues including angel investors, venture funds, private equity firms, corporations, commercial banks and public markets. How do the varying demands of each of these financiers affect small satellite operations and planning? What are their expected returns and financing terms? What are the most important criteria investors look for in choosing ventures to fund? How much of a role does private equity activity and debt financing play in funding SmallSat operations and what effect does this have on management behavior? Panelists will discuss how different types of investors perceive the small satellite industry.

Moderator: Dara Panahy, Partner, Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy
Speaker: Chris Boshuizen, Entrepreneur in Residence, Data Collective VC
Speaker: Mike Collett, Founder and Managing Partner, Promus Ventures
Speaker: Elizabeth Evans, Partner, Dentons New York
Speaker: Dr. Shahin Farshchi, Partner, Lux Capital
Speaker: Brian Holz, CEO, OneWeb Satellites

11:15 am
Keynote Roundtable — SmallSat Market Inflection Points

Join ManSat’s Founder & CEO Chris Stott as he leads a discussion with noted venture capitalist and DFJ Partner Steve Jurvetson, and small satellite pioneer Professor Sir Martin Sweeting, the Founder and Executive Chairman of Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd. Veterans from their respective trades, the discussion will focus on important small satellite milestones from the past, recent changes shifting the industry and some probable outcomes for the future.

Afternoon Sessions

2:00 pm
Launch Provider Roundtable – Efficiency, Risk & Trends
Launching any satellite is inherently a risky and expensive business. Multiple new launch options are being created that offer opportunity to minimize risk and reduce costs. Executives from commercial launch service providers will share their views on current market trends and on their strategies to deliver the most adapted solutions for the launch of small satellites. How will new innovations, launch availability, changes in satellite designs and durability in small satellite design alter the future of the launch sector? What is the impact of re-usable engines on future launch costs? Which propellants, engines, components and new technologies are the launch sector investing in? What are the game changers? Panelists will discuss strategies for funding launch operations and the time it takes to book a flight.

Moderator: Robert Bell, Executive Director, Society of Satellite Professionals International (SSPI)
Speaker: Serge Chartoire, Sales Director Specific Orbits, Arianespace
Speaker: Jonathan Hofeller, Vice President of Commercial Sales, SpaceX
Speaker: Barry Matsumori, Senior Vice President, Business Development & Advanced Concepts, Virgin Galactic
Speaker: Ryo Nakamura, Director, Deputy General Manager, Business Development Department, Space Systems Division, MHI – Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
Speaker Mark Schultz, Rideshare Program Manager, United Launch Alliance – ULA
Speaker: Vsevolod Kryukovskiy, Launch Program Director, Glavkosmos

3:15 pm
Ground Systems Economics & Architecture
As hundreds of new small satellites are launched ground systems must keep pace to track and communicate with them. What will be the increasing demands for these systems, as well as new autonomous onboard TT&C developments mean for the ground system market? What are the most important criteria in selecting ground system architecture for small satellites? What current and recent trends might change market dynamics in the future?

Moderator: David Hartshorn, Secretary General, GVF – Global VSAT Forum
Speaker: Stuart Daughtridge, Vice President of Advance Technology, Kratos Technology and Training Solutions
Speaker: Natalie Bednar, Director of Business Development, Swedish Space Corporation (SSC)
Speaker: Chris Richins, CEO, RBC Signals
Speaker: Stig-Ar Thrana, U.S. Sales Director and Head of Kongsberg Silicon Valley Office, Kongsberg Satellite Services
Speaker: Tony Wilkey, Senior Vice President, AvL Technologies

5:15 pm
Pricing and Marketing SmallSat Services
Disruptive innovations create new markets. Business development executives will present their views on market opportunities and where to sell the multitude of products that have resulted from the SmallSat revolution? The collision of finance and technology has produced both turbulent markets and spectacular innovations. Who has bought, who will buy, and what will they pay? More importantly, how should products be priced to maximize revenue?

Moderator: Chris Baugh, President, Northern Sky Research
Speaker: David A. Anhalt, President, Blue Residuum
Speaker: Talbot Jaeger, Founder and Chief Technologist, NovaWurks
Speaker: Daniel Lim, President & CEO, Xtenti, LLC
Speaker: Chris Loghry, SAIS West Business Development Manager, Moog Inc. Space and Defense Group
Speaker: Dirk Wallinger,Chairman & CEO, York Space Systems