Midland is Exploring…Wait…That Can’t Be Right

midland_development_corporationThe Midland Development Corp. (MDC) is negotiating an agreement with spaceport consulting, engineering and design firm RS&H to explore ways to develop the Midland International Air and Space Port.

MDC Chairman Brent Hilliard revealed that RS&H would be exploring a novel use for the landlocked spaceport.

“As the spaceport grows — whether it’s designing rocket engine test stands as we look at vertical launch facilities, as we look at how that all blends in with our airport and what it’s going to look like down the road — we felt like we needed to have someone who has been there and done it,” he said.

You read that correctly: vertical-launch facilities. MDC is interested in adding traditional rocket launches to Midland’s space industry offerings.

“We’ve looked at a trajectory that would work over the state of Texas that would get it out over the ocean,” Hilliard said.

The idea is in the initial conception stages, and MDC doesn’t know where such launches would, or even could, take place, but “that’s why we’re hiring an engineering firm.”

Yeah, I’m not sure entirely how that would work. Just looking at the map here….

Credit: Google Maps
Credit: Google Maps

The air distance between Midland and Corpus Christi on the coast is about 400 miles. Not sure what trajectories would actually work.

  • ThomasLMatula

    Given how the FAA AST has been rubber stamping spaceport applications these days it probably doesn’t matter which way they go 🙂

  • Bill Douglass

    No problem – only San Antonio, Austin and Houston are in the way!

  • krf

    More competition for Spaceport America.

  • Pete Zaitcev

    Has anyone heard of this new technology known as “Reusable Launch Vehicle”? It permits to fly out of a landlocked spaceport without dropping spent stages on the cities. There is even a relatively obscure, or unknown to Doug anyway, startup in the U.S., which carried out some impressive experiments with these “Reusable Launch Vehicles” recently. I think it was called “SpaceX” or something.

  • schooner1

    What? Horizontal space planes are not the boon to Midland that everyone was promised? What happened to all that XCOR space tourism?