RSS, RSC Energia Expand Space Cooperation With Airbus

Energia_logoMOSCOW (RSC Energia PR) — On Tuesday, March 1, 2016, JSC RSC Energia, JSC Russian Space Systems (RSS), included into State Corporation ROSCOSMOS, and Airbus DS, the largest European aerospace corporation, agreed on expanding their cooperation in development of state-of-the-art commercial satellites, as well as in manufacturing and delivery of reliable space equipment in the interests of Russian civilian space programs.

The plan signed by the parties calls for local manufacturing content in equipment for commercial spacecraft, introduction to Russia of European quality technologies for manufacturing state-of-the-art space hardware and further development of Joint Ventures (JV) established earlier.

The parties outlined the future of the Russian-based joint ventures LLC Energia SAT and LLC Synertek, established by Airbus DS and RSC Energia and RSS, respectively. The document points to new opportunities for joint business and describes in detail the development of Energia SAT and Synertek, as well as identifies capital investments, which the stockholders will have to put into these ventures in order to implement the cooperation.

RSC Energia President Vladimir Solntsev: “Further evolution of space satellite systems presupposes availability of high-quality integrated solutions on the market. Together with Airbus DS and RSS within the framework of activities of joint ventures Synertek and Energia SAT we will be able to offer to current and prospective customers the most advanced commercial satellites developed on the basis of the best domestic and European technologies”.

General Director of RSS Andrei TYULIN: “Before 2025 we are going to see a significant increase in the demand for Earth remote sensing data, high-precision satellite navigation services, growth in the market for personal space communications systems. Working in partnership with Airbus DS and RSC Energia, we are planning to focus on the development and manufacturing within the framework of space programs of satellite payload components and equipment that are commercially viable at the world level”.

Head of Airbus DS space division, board member of the Airbus group Francois Auque: “Within the next decade the Russian civilian orbital constellation is expected to double in size. We are convinced that the further development of the partnership through the trilateral agreement with RSS and RSC Energia will allow supplying the Russian and world markets with reliable spacecraft and high-quality space equipment”.

The parties plan that Synertek will become the supplier of high-quality equipment for space programs emphasizing the standards of quality and the manufacturing process management rules used at Airbus DS. In addition to this, Airbus DS and RSS intend to make their contribution to expanding Synertek manufacturing capability for producing new satellite instrumentation so as to start assembly, testing and delivery of these instruments on the basis of Airbus DS manufacturing technologies and know-how as early as 2017.

Synertek will also be a supplier of instruments and their components within the framework of space programs that are being currently implemented by RSS, JV Energia SAT and other Russian and foreign prime contractors, as well as companies which integrate spacecraft payloads.

Energia SAT, in its turn, will be expanding its activities in the field of satellite programs, working directly with prime contractors and other persons responsible for satellites. Airbus DS and RSC Energia are ready to gradually transfer to JV Energia SAT the full responsibility for implementation of several lines of activities. The objective is that eventually Energia SAT should assume responsibility for putting in place and implementing a product assurance strategy throughout all levels and work milestones up to the final assembly, integration and testing of satellites. The parties decided that the JV will be responsible for drawing up specifications and procuring key equipment components for the satellite bus with the right of engineering supervision and with full responsibility for the quality. In addition to this, JV Energia SAT will be responsible for putting repeaters into payload.

In order to implement the agreements, there are plans for the nearest future to work out in detail the scope of the European know-how to be transferred to Russia. But the parties have already decided that the established that the established JVs will require process flow documentation for product assurance, including some standards, which they are going to use in their work.

Joint Stock Company RSC Energia (which is a part of State Corporation ROSCOSMOS) is the leader in the rocket and space industry, and the prime contractor for manned space systems. The Corporation conducts work on the development of unmanned space and rocket systems (launch vehicles and orbital transfer vehicles), and high-technology systems for various non-space applications.

Russian Space Systems (a part of State Corporation ROSCOSMOS) specializes in the development, manufacturing and operation of space information systems. Its main areas of activities are development, expansion and utilization of the global navigation satellite system GLONASS; space systems for search and rescue, hydrometeorological support, radiotechnical support of space research; ground stations for receiving and processing Earth remote sensing data. The integrated structure of Russian Space Systems brings together Russia’s leading space instrumentation engineering companies: Research Institute for Precision Instruments (NII TP), Research and Production Association for Measurement Technology (NPO IT), Research Institute for Physical Measurements (NIIFI), Special Design Bureau of the Moscow Energy Institute (OKB MEI) and Scienctific and Production organization Orion (NPO Orion).

Airbus DS (which is included in the Airbus Group) is the biggest European company in fields of space technology and services. The company develops and manufactures launch vehicles of the Arian family, and is the prime contractor from the European side for the ISS activities. Airbus DS divisions and affiliates specialize in the development and manufacturing of communications spacecraft, ERS spacecraft for various applications, as well as scientific and navigation satellites.

LLC Synertek is a joint venture established in 2005 with participation of Russian Space Systems (51% of the shares) and Airbus DS (49% of the shares) for design, manufacturing and delivery of space hardware in the interests of Russian satellite programs.

LLC Energia SAT is a joint venture established in 2013 with participation of RSC Energia (51% of the shares) and Airbus DS (49% of the shares) for the purpose of manufacturing in the Russian Federation reliable state-of-the-art spacecraft in the interests of Russian and international customers.