Planet Labs to Acquire RapidEye

Planet Labs has entered into an agreement to acquire the BlackBridge geospatial companies, including their RapidEye suite of core offerings.

“With BlackBridge, we now have access to an extensive network of over 100 distribution channels and customers globally; and RapidEye’s comprehensive archive of six years of global imagery – 6 billion square kilometers at 5-meter resolution – allowing us to bring one of the largest commercial satellite imagery datasets to the web,” Planet Labs co-founder Will Marshall wrote on the company’s website.

“The BlackBridge team is impressive and established in the industry,” Marshall wrote. “I am personally excited to work with Ryan Johnson, BlackBridge CEO, who I look forward to welcoming onto the Planet executive team. As Ryan says: ‘The combination of BlackBridge’s downstream knowledge and global reach, with Planet Labs’ strategy for agile aerospace, will create a long-term competitive advantage for the combined company. The ability to lead the industry and adapt quickly to changing needs will be the key to continued success.’”

The transaction is schedule to close in third quarter 2015.