UrtheCast Acquires Deimos Satellites

urthecast-logoVANCOUVER (UrtheCast PR) — UrtheCast is pleased to announce that it has entered into a definitive agreement with Elecnor, S.A. to acquire the Earth Observation business, Deimos. UrtheCast will soon acquire Deimos ownership, operation of the Deimos-1 and Deimos-2 satellites, and the Deimos global archive of Earth imagery.

“This is an incredible acquisition that epitomizes technological and operational synergy,” explained Scott Larson, UrtheCast Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer. “UrtheCast is rapidly accelerating its mission to democratize Earth Observation imagery, and bring a unique dataset and distribution model to customers and users that up until now, haven’t had this type of access.”

Fabrizio Pirondini, Deimos Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, added: “This is a superb opportunity for all involved, and opens up a world of possibilities for our respective sales teams. The sale of EO data and value-added services is at the core of our operations, such that our synergies and objectives for this acquisition are perfectly aligned.”

The Deimos-1 satellite:

  • Launched in 2009
  • Provides 22-metre resolution images at 10 bits with a swath width of 650 kilometres
  • Collection capacity of more than 5,000,000 square-kilometres per day
  • Three-day average revisit time worldwide

The Deimos-2 satellite:

  • Launched in 2014
  • Provides 75 cm pan-sharpened images with a swath width of 12 kilometres
  • Deimos-2 has a collection capacity of more than 150,000 square-kilometres per day
  • Two-day average revisit time worldwide

The combination of UrtheCast and Deimos is expected to allow UrtheCast to accelerate its own strategy — achieved through the use of Deimos’ imagery archive on UrtheCast’s web platform, distributing fresh imagery through UrtheCast’s established distribution channels, customers and web platform, leveraging each company’s established relationships and building upon each other’s infrastructure.