Russia Roundup: Vostochny, Consolidation & Lunar Base

Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin. (Credit: A. Savin)
Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin. (Credit: A. Savin)

As another Russian space mission went haywire this week, there was plenty of other news about that nation’s struggle space program. Here’s a summary of major news from the past week.


  • Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said that 58 million rubles (about $1 million) in back wages owed to Vostochny workers will be paid by April 30. Unhappy workers have gone on hunger strikes and appealed to President Vladimir Putin with a message written on the roofs of their dorms.


  • Efforts to consolidate the Russian space industry under Roscomos continued. Putin submitted a draft law to the State Duma that would establish a space corporation on the basis of Roscosmos and the United Rocket and Space Corporation.


  • In a meeting with Chinese officials, Rogozin proposed that the two countries work together on a permanently crewed base on the moon. Russian is aiming to establish a lunar facility around 2030.

  • windbourne

    That last one bugs me. We should continue with the iss crew to go to the moon in another 5-7 years.

  • Sam Moore

    The Fenix proposal looks interesting-the fact that it’s to be Metholox and built by TsSKB Progress strongly suggests that it’s an attempt to preserve the technology developed for Progress’ SHLV proposal for better economic times, similar to how Energia-M was to preserve Energiya technology while replacing Proton. The figure of 9 tons to LEO matches reasonably well with their proposed Soyuz 5.1 rocket, which would share a common booster design with their SHLV.