Roscosmos: Telemetry Interrupted Just Prior to Progress Separation

Roscosmos_logoRoscosmos has posted an update on the Progress 59 flight. It’s in Russian, but I was able to use Google Translate to understand it.

The flight was nominal until 1.5 seconds before the time at which the Progress vehicle was to have separated from its third stage booster. At that point, telemetry data from the booster was interrupted.

After separation, partial communications with the progress was restored. The data indicated that various systems were not performing normally. The ship was also rotating at about 90 degrees per second.

Docking the cargo ship at the International Space Station is impossible. The station and its crew are not at risk because they are in a much higher orbit.

A commission has been established to identify the cause of the failure. The commission’s findings are expected no later than May 13.

Russia plans to launch additional Progress resupply ships in the third and fourth quarters of this year.