CSF Adds Six New Members

csf_logo_newestWashington D.C. (CSF PR) – The Commercial Spaceflight Federation is pleased to announce the addition of six new member organizations. Bigelow Aerospace and Orbital Outfitters have joined as new Executive Members and Moon Express has moved up from Associate to Executive Membership. ASRC Federal, Spaceport Sweden, and World View Enterprises have joined as Associate Members.

“The CSF membership is representative of all facets of space exploration,” said CSF President Michael Lopez-Alegria. “This diversity is indicative of a growing, thriving sector, with each company contributing to the overarching success of the commercial space exploration industry.”

“We’re excited to become a part of the CSF, particularly at such a critical time for the space industry,” said Mike Gold, Director of D.C. Business Operations and Business Growth for Bigelow Aerospace. “We’re eager to work with the CSF to bring vital initiatives such as the commercial crew program to a successful conclusion, while exploring private sector participation in beyond LEO human spaceflight activities to the Moon and eventually Mars.”

“The CSF is an important nexus and advocate for the commercial space industry,” said Bob Richards, Chief Executive Officer of Moon Express. “We look forward to continued work with CSF and its member companies, from Earth orbit to the Moon and beyond.”

“We are excited to be a part of the Commercial Spaceflight Federation,” said Jeff Feige, Chief Executive Officer at Orbital Outfitters. “CSF advocates for individual members of the industry while promoting the continued growth of the promising sector as a whole.”

The new CSF Members are as follows:

Bigelow Aerospace

With over ten years of research and development, Bigelow Aerospace is dedicated to providing affordable options for spaceflight to national space agencies and corporate clients. In 2006 and 2007, Bigelow launched orbiting prototypes of Genesis I and Genesis II, and are currently working on new-generation spacecraft. Using patented expandable habitats, they plan to greatly exceed the usable space of the International Space Station at a fraction of the cost.

Moon Express

Moon Express is a privately funded commercial space company created to develop the resources of the Moon for the benefit of life on Earth and humanity’s future in space. Moon Express is developing innovative, flexible and scalable new robotic spacecraft that will radically reduce the cost of space exploration and unlock the mysteries and resources of the Moon.

Orbital Outfitters

Orbital Outfitters is a NewSpace company that provides a range of services to vehicle developers and other companies in the aerospace sector. Their two primary lines of business are the development of space and pressure suits and the fabrication of full scale vehicle mockups for either engineering or public relations purposes.

ASRC Federal

ASRC Federal Space and Defense brings a 14-year history of delivering high-performance space systems engineering, integration and satellite operations services to civil and defense agencies. ASRC Federal provides these services throughout all phases of the program life cycle and across the entire space systems architecture, including space and ground assets.

Spaceport Sweden

Spaceport Sweden is Europe’s gateway to space. Located in Kiruna, Swedish Lapland, Europe’s premier space city since 1957, Spaceport Sweden offers unique world-class space adventures and learning experiences under the Northern Lights and the Midnight Sun, further supplying launch infrastructure, R&D facilities and high-tech expertise to commercial space operators.

World View Enterprises

World View Enterprises, Inc. is pioneering a new frontier at the edge of space. Their vision is to take Voyagers (be they private individuals or those traveling for research, educational or other scientific pursuits) on the journey of a lifetime. With their proprietary high-altitude balloons, World View offers an accessible, affordable way to access near space. World View is now offering unmanned platforms and currently developing a manned capsule to access the space frontier.

About the Commercial Spaceflight Federation

The mission of the Commercial Spaceflight Federation (CSF) is to promote the development of commercial human spaceflight, pursue ever-higher levels of safety, and share best practices and expertise throughout the industry. The CSF’s member companies – which include commercial spaceflight developers, operators, spaceports, suppliers and service providers – are creating thousands of high-tech jobs nationwide, working to preserve American leadership in aerospace through technology innovation, and inspiring young people to pursue careers in science and engineering. For more information please visit http://www.commercialspaceflight.org or contact Sirisha Bandla at sirisha@commercialspaceflight.org or at 202.347.1418.