Arianespace, Orbital Science and SpaceX Snag Launch Contracts

Inaugural Vega flight. (Credits: ESA - S. Corvaja, 2012)
Inaugural Vega flight. (Credits: ESA – S. Corvaja, 2012)

Launch providers in the United States and Europe announced agreements to launch a series of satellites over the coming two years:

  • Arianespace will launch CGS S.p.A’s OPTSAT 3000 and the Israeli Space Agency’s VENµS satellite aboard a Vega launcher in early 2016 from the Guiana Space Center in South America. Read more
  • Skybox Imaging has tapped Orbital Sciences Corp. to launch six Earth observation satellites aboard a Minotaur-C from Vandenberg Air Force Base in late 2015. Read more
  • SpaceX has booked another satellite on its Falcon 9 rocket. Satellite fleet operator SES has agreed to launch its SES-10 satellite aboard the booster in 2016. Read more

CORRECTION:  SES has booked a ride on the Falcon 9 rocket. Space News has corrected its story, which earlier said the satellite would fly on the Falcon Heavy. This post has been changed to reflect the correction.