Spaceport Sweden Promotional Video

Video Caption: Spaceport Sweden is Europe’s gateway to space and space travel. Located in Kiruna, Swedish Lapland we offer launch infrastructure, space adventures under the Midnight Sun and an international astronaut program; Zero-G flights, Centrifuge training & Northern Light Flights.

Inaugurated in 2007, Spaceport Sweden is a pioneering initiative to establish commercial human spaceflight in Sweden and become Europe’s gateway to space, a center for excellence and cross-industry innovation.

Located in Kiruna, Swedish Lapland, Europe’s premier space city since 1957, Spaceport Sweden work together with selected partners to offer customers unique world-class space adventures and learning experiences, further supplying launch infrastructure, R&D facilities and high-tech expertise to commercial space operators. Already today Spaceport Sweden offer learning space adventures such as Northern Light Flights, Zero-G Flights and Spaceflight Preparation and Centrifuge Training.

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