New Video Series on Commercial Space Activities

Video Caption: We follow certain entrepreneurs, public officials, and private citizens that are actively shaping a new kind of space race, and in the process, redefining what it means to explore the cosmos. This pilot episode of the new monthly web series Private Space, features an interview with California State Sen. Steve Knight, the lead author of California’s Space Flight Liability and Immunity Act.

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  • Thanks for that. Very cool. Private space is the only way spaceflight will become low cost enough to be routine.

    Bob Clark

  • Stuart

    A well made, informative and enjoyable webisode.

  • Sam Shamble

    But let’s be frank,,, not in the forseeable future…

  • A rather long Space Review article that argues the importance of commercial space for lowering the cost of space access:

    Can skip to the conclusions section for the main point.

    Bob Clark