Vote in Our New Newt Gingrich Poll

Newt Gingrich, America and Moon President in Waiting

Newt Gingrich is out promoting his 27th book, talking up his desire to go to space. We’ve got a new poll about the nature of his planned voyage to space. Please vote in it.

Gingrich also bemoaned that his pledge to establish a moon colony was widely ridiculed during his latest failed attempt to win the Presidency. I  sympathized the the former House Speaker when his vision was mocked.  I actually liked it;  I didn’t think it was at all crazy.

His belief that the American people would ever elect him president, on the other hand, is full on nuts. And that’s why I liked Saturday Night Live’s sketch, “Newt Gingrich: Moon President.” It was as much about the craziness of Gingrich running the moon (or the country) as anything else.

But, I digress.

I gave some thought to suggesting that instead of writing books, giving speeches and making doomed Presidential runs, Gingrich should put his money where his mouth is and start a space company. You know, give the private sector a try and try to build something that would advance humanity’s expansion into space.

But, given his erratic management of the House and his own Presidential campaigns, it’s probably best that he keep his feet firmly planted in the world of punditry.

But, going to space is another matter. Please cast your ballot in our newest poll. Remember: vote early! Vote often! Just vote, dammit! Vote!