Mars One Plans Lander on Red Planet in 2016

MarsOne_logoMars One Founder Bas Lansdorp says his organization is looking for experiments to fly on an unmanned lander that it will launch to the Red Planet in 2016.

Mars One will send “a small craft that will demonstrate the technologies we need for our human colony” and is inviting partners to join the mission…

The first step is to test whether conditions for sustaining humans can be created, by sending experimental systems on a lander.

“If you have a reason to get something to Mars, get in touch with me,” Lansdorp told the conference.

“It could be a country that wants to do an experiment on Martian soil.

“I know the UK space agency has been interested in getting to Mars in the past. They could put something on our lander and get a payload there.

“We also have consumer firms that are interested in becoming ‘the first brand on Mars’.”

Another idea is to allow a “high schools payload” similar to the recent Youtube Space Lab.

Building a Martian lander typically takes years and hundreds of millions of dollars. To send one during the next launch window, which runs from January to April 2016, the mission would almost have to be in an advanced state of planning and development by now.

Lansdrop said full details of  the mission would be revealed in December.

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