ISPCS Closing Speaker: Michael Simpson of Secure World Foundation

Michael Simpson

ISPCS Closing Remarks
Michael Simpson
Executive Director, Secure World Foundation

In closing keynote, Michael Simpson says NewSpace industry has matured over last 8 years, more willing to work with gov’t and others. (Jeff Foust ‏@jeff_foust)

SIMPSON: Don’t restrict innovation to engineering. (Alan Ladwig ‏@SpaceArtAl )

Simpson: Don’t confine innovation to engineering. Great ideas are in business, policy, and other fields. (Suzi Gordon ‏@suzigordon)

Simpson: Any place worth getting to in space is going to come faster if we make use of synergies (ISPCS ‏@ISPCS)

Simpson: Less anti-government commentary this year than earlier #ISPCS conferences. (Alan Ladwig ‏@SpaceArtAl)

Simpson: Keep your eye on #DARPA Phoenix project. Involves on orbit servicing. (Alan Ladwig ‏@SpaceArtAl)

Simpson: On-orbit servicing (salvaging dead satellites) getting closer to demonstration stages. Keep an eye out for the new industry (Suzi Gordon ‏@suzigordon)

Orbital debris is an idea that could use a good business plan. (Alan Ladwig ‏@SpaceArtAl)

Simpson: communication is still not this industry’s strong suit. Need to find new ways to get exciting message out. (Jeff Foust ‏@jeff_foust)

Simpson: We need to be better at communicating the excitement of our industry to the public, not just talking engineering specs. (Suzi Gordon ‏@suzigordon)

Simpson: The space industry needs to find new ways to get their exciting messages out to the public. (ISPCS ‏@ISPCS)

Simpson: Heard at sat conf in Brussels, the US is getting competitive again in sat & launch industry. (Alan Ladwig ‏@SpaceArtAl)

Simpson: We need to communicate that people can work together for a common cause. Tell your story – it shouldn’t be a kept secret. (ISPCS ‏@ISPCS)

Simpson: Best description of life on #ISS written by @AnoushehAnsari (Alan Ladwig ‏@SpaceArtAl)

Simpson: Sharing motivations of paying space travelers justifies inevitable accidents that will happen in this experimental industry. (Suzi Gordon ‏@suzigordon)

Simpson: heard at IAC last month that there’s a lot of interest in China in doing human suborbital flights at new Hainan spaceport. (Jeff Foust ‏@jeff_foust)

Simpson: In 2024 #ISPCS will have panels on orbital manufacturing, planetary resources, & innovative propulsion. (Alan Ladwig ‏@SpaceArtAl)

Suzi Gordon ‏@suzigordon Simpson: Disruptive technology in space is alternative propulsion. Getting through space without burning chemicals will be huge. (Suzi Gordon ‏@suzigordon)