Cyclone-4 Project Gets Funding Infusions From Brazil, Ukraine

Ukraine's Cyclone rocket
Ukraine’s Cyclone rocket

ACS PRs — The Brazilian Government has made a planned contribution of R$33,333,333 [$14,671,361] to the ACS capital. Transfer of these funds was authorized by the Presidential Decree dated 23.08.2013 and published on 26.08.2013 in the Diário Oficial da União, the official newspaper.

The Decree also mentioned the equivalent contribution of the Ukrainian Party realized by means of intergovernmental transfer.

The Ukrainian Parliament (Verkhovna Rada) has approved the State Scientific and Technical Space Program of Ukraine for the period of 2013-2017 and accepted for consideration the Draft Law on Financial Support of the Cyclone-4 Project Implementation.

The approximate total amount of the program financing is UAH 2.58 billion [$316.4 million], of which the Ukrainian State Budget provides UAH 1.12 billion [$137.3 million].

The State Scientific and Technical Space Program foresees, for the period of 2013-2017, implementation of the following major projects: launch of three satellites (Sich-2-1 Earth Observation satellite, Microsat scientific and technical satellite, and UMS-1 university satellite), as well as providing full remaining funding for development of the Cyclone-4 Space Launch System at the Alcantara Launch Center (Brazil).

Moreover, on September 3, 2013, the Draft Law № 3175 “On Amendment of Article 6 of the Law of Ukraine “On the State Budget of Ukraine for 2013” (funding for implementation of the international projects: Cyclone-4 and development of the National Satellite Communication System) was presented to the Ukrainian Parliament.

The objective of this Draft Law is to ensure funding of the international obligations undertaken by Ukraine under the Treaty between Ukraine and the Federative Republic of Brazil on Long-Term Cooperation in Utilization of the Cyclone-4 Launch Vehicle at the Alcantara Launch Center. Yuzhnoye, the company designing the Cyclone-4 Space Launch Systems, will draw down the $320M loan backed by the Ukraine sovereign guarantee in order to accomplish all activities related to the Cyclone-4 Launch Vehicle and Launch Site development.

Alcântara Cyclone Space Binational company (ACS) is responsible for the commercialization and operation of launch services using the Ukrainian Cyclone-4 launch vehicle from its launch site in Alcântara, Brazil.

The Cyclone-4 rocket will also use the successful Cyclone-2 as its first two stages. The third stage is a new project with a larger propellant capacity, and a new rocket engine with multiple ignition capacity. The new third stage will also use a modern control system capable of precise orbit injections. The new third stage will enable the Cyclone-4 to inject 5,300 kg in low Earth orbit, or 1,600 kg into a geo-transfer orbit.