SXC Clients Take Wild Zero G Ride

SXC_Zero_G_FlightAMSTERDAM (SXC PR) — Haven’t we all ever dreamed of being able to fly weightlessly and freely through the air one day?

As of the 15th of March 2013, this incomparable sensation is not something only possible in childhood comic book or science fiction heroes, but to everyone.

Thanks to the close collaboration with Spaceport Sweden and with the presence of a host of honor – Mr. Jean-François Clervoy, Chairman of Novespace and ESA astronaut – our own heroes — Ms. Aysal, Mr. Gal and Mr. Shapiro — were among the first private passengers to go through this life-changing experience.

Amazement, euphoria, pure emotion and endless smiles were on our astronauts’ faces when the Airbus A300 ZERO-G accomplished the first parabola. It wasn’t all over…. 14 more parabolas followed.

In each of these parabolas Ahu, Jos and Oded experienced 22 consecutive seconds of weightlessness. They went from overcoming the amazement of the first ‘float’ to being able to accomplish loops and maneuvers considered hard to the most experienced contortionists.

If you also want to experience what Ms. Aysal described with the following words: “It felt that the only thing attached to my body was my spirit. A truly indescribable experience.”.

Please stay tuned since we might be able to propose this outstanding experience at some point during Fall of this year, since unfortunately the next session, held in June, is fully booked.