New RocketMotorTwo Test Fire Log

RocketMotorTwo Hot-Fire Test Summaries
Via Scaled Composites

Date:08 Mar 13


Twenty-sixth full scale flight design RM2 hot-fire. Continued evaluation of all systems and components:
– Pressurization
– Valve/Injector
– Fuel formulation and geometry
– Nozzle
– Structure
– Performance

All objectives completed.

Editor’s Note: Sources who heard the test say the engine ran for 15 to 30 seconds.

  • jb

    and this tells us what??? 🙂

  • jazzfiend

    Well it at least sounds like Virgin Galactic is working on something although that may or may not be any signs of progress. On another note there has been no word at all from XCOR about the Lynx. They appear to be way behind their estimates on when it would roll out of the hanger. Does this mean that XCOR too may not be making much progress?