SpaceXC Expands Lynx Marketing Efforts into Canada


The Canadian Press reports that Netherlands-based Space Expedition Corporation (SpaceXC) is expanding its global marketing efforts for the Lynx space plane to Canada:

Space Expedition Corp. and XCor Aerospace signed a deal with Quebec travel agency Uniktour on Friday to offer suborbital flights to Quebecers.

A similar deal is in the works for the rest of the Canadian market and is set to be announced in the coming days in Toronto.

Uniktour president Philippe Bergeron is already booked for a suborbital flight this December, which could make him the first Canadian to experience the thrill.

“I can’t wait to see the black sky during in the day and I can’t wait to see the curvature of the Earth and to be propelled by four rocket engines,” he said Friday.

“My seat is number 15 in the world and so far I should be the first Canadian to take part in a suborbital flight — if XCor is able to fly the first into space, which we think is a very nice possibility.”

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