New Petition to White House Seeks SSP Study

A new petition on the White House’s website was created today concerning space solar power.

We petition the Obama Administration to: commission a study to determine if Space Solar Power is a viable middle- to long-term solution for energy independence.

Space Solar Power would be extremely expensive to realize. That’s the down side. The up side is it scales indefinitely – once you have a single one Gigawatt SPS power plant installed, the second one costs substantially less. It would create an exponential growth in an energy source with potential long term yield far in excess of the current world consumption of energy. In other words – anything on a planetary surface will run in to yield limits, and fundamentally constraint economic growth.

Anything in space would pose no such constraint. Add one in year one – add two in year two. Add four in year three. That is an exponential output growth. It would solve a LOT of problems, and we need a study making the potential insightful.

The stakes are clearly VERY high.

Click here to sign it.