NASA’s CCDev 2 Progress Report

Dream Chaser cockpit simulator. (Credit: Sierra Nevada Corporation)

NASA PR — NASA’s Commercial Crew Program (CCP), together with its industry partners, continued progressing toward commercial human spaceflight capability by mid-decade by successfully completing all five planned milestones during this 60-day period.

  • Readiness of a new cockpit simulator for Sierra Nevada’s Dream Chaser spacecraft was verified and is now being used for engineering development tests.
  • The tip fin airfoil design for the Dream Chaser was also selected.
  • A launch abort system concept review for SpaceX’s Dragon spacecraft, which showed feasibility of their design concept
  • Boeing’s CST100 “phase zero” safety review, which identified initial safety considerations and controls
  • Boeing’s fourth CST100 integrated design review, which established design trade studies to be conducted before Boeing’s preliminary design review next year

Chart showing completed tasks and upcoming milestones for all four CCDev 2 partners and United Launch Alliance as of Aug. 16 are shown after the break.


Blue Origin

Sierra Nevada Corporation


United Launch Alliance