Spaceport America Issues Media Relations RFP

NMSA PR – LAS CRUCES, NM – The New Mexico Spaceport Authority (NMSA) has issued a Request For Proposal (RFP) for Media Relations Services for Spaceport America, announced Christine Anderson, Executive Director of the NMSA.

“Spaceport America has been attracting attention from news and media outlets worldwide,” said Anderson. “This contract will help develop, manage and maintain effective communications with members of the local, national and international press corps as well as the public about our exciting project.”

The RFP calls for services in the following areas: media relations and liaison, public relations outreach, media tours, press releases, statement writing and press coverage archival work.

The RFP is available for download under the “Proposals” tab, at:

The NMSA has established as a part of its website an online business registry so local businesses can post contact information and the level and type of services they offer. Larger companies can identify potential sub-contractors and suppliers with the capability to provide specific goods and/or services.

About Spaceport America

Spaceport America has been providing commercial launch services since 2006. The state-of-the-art launch facility is under construction near Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, and while expected to become fully operational later in 2011, public preview tours of Spaceport America are now available. Officials at Spaceport America have been working closely with entrepreneurial space leaders like Virgin Galactic, UP Aerospace, and Armadillo Aerospace, as well as established aerospace firms like Lockheed Martin, Boeing, and Moog-FTS to develop commercial spaceflight at the new facility. The economic impact of launches, tourism and new construction at Spaceport America are already delivering on the promise of economic development to the people of New Mexico.

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