Commercial Zero Gravity Flights Coming to Europe

The 'Zero-G" Airbus A300

Zero-gravity experience lifts off at Le Bourget

Once available only to astronauts and scientists, the weightless experience is about to become a bit more accessible, provided you’ve got the cash.

Novespace managing director and ex-astronaut Jean-Francois Clervoy announced Tuesday that he plans to offer commercial flights, including one before the end of this year.

Final approval from France’s civil aviation authority is pending, and the price tag — provisionally set at 4,000 euros (5,700 dollars) — has yet to be finalized.

But Clervoy envisions half-a-dozen sorties a year with 40 passengers each starting in 2012. It would be only the third such commercial service in the world, along with one in the United States and one in Russia.

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