Virgin Galactic Looks to Build Swanky Hotel in T or C

Photo by Mark Greenberg

Virgin Galactic has eyes on posh hotel in T or C
Las Cruces Sun-News

Truth or Consequences boasts a hodgepodge of local attractions: an expansive lake and tandem state park, a downtown full of quirky art museums and shops and a lineup of natural hot springs.

Not on the list?

An upscale hotel.

But that may be about to change.

The area will need luxury lodging to accommodate the tourists who plan to launch into suborbital space at Spaceport America, said Julia Tizard, operations manager for Virgin Galactic, the British company planning to launch spaceflights 30 miles away from T or C.

That’s because plenty of spaceflight passengers – some 420 have made paid reservations so far – will want more high-end amenities than the area now offers, she said.

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