Xtraordinary Adventures Updates Website

PRESS RELEASE — Xtraordinary Adventures, LLC, a newly formed space travel agency located in Boca Raton, Florida, has updated their website. Mitchell J Schultz, Space Tourism Specialist, avid space enthusiast, adventurer and world traveler, as its director, created an informative website at http://www.XtraordinaryAdventures.com representing RocketShip Tours, the exclusive agent for XCOR’s Lynx space plane.

Schultz refers to the RocketShip Tours program as “Preparing for your Pinnacle Life Event, The Ultimate Space Flight Experience”. Further, he invites anyone interested in learning more about commercial suborbital space flight to ‘come meet our website host, Barbara, and get a tour of what we are all about.’

The development of the website allows visitors easy access to obtain information about civilian space travel and navigate to an FAQ section to find answers regarding most space tourism questions. In addition, the website contains prior press releases, a copy of space associates most recent space tourism study and provides detailed information about Lynx, one of the two most prevalent spacecrafts soon to be flying private passengers into suborbital space.

The other being Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo. There is a short video showcasing their program, a schematic flight plan as well as information about Col. Rick Searfoss, former NASA shuttle commander and initial pilot on Lynx. The complete registration forms can be found along with a short survey and the opportunity to sign up for their ‘Space Cruise News’ complimentary newsletter providing regular up to date industry developments, new articles and links to obtain unique space products, newsletter archives, the Lynx brochure and email back any reader suggestions or comments.

With the new private space race heating up, it appears both SpaceShipTwo and Lynx will be flight testing their vehicles later on this year. Upon their successes an early 2012 beginning of their commercial flight programs would commence. Virgin Galactic already acknowledges having registered hundreds of future space participants on its SpaceShipTwo at its $200,000 cost, while XCOR, only flying a single co-pilot seated passenger on Lynx, acknowledges it has also registered many new space pioneers for its $95,000 program.

Although no drop in cost is projected for several years and with the anticipation of an expected 15,000 annual international participants amongst high adventure seekers and space enthusiasts (based on the spaceport associates space study), the private sector for commercial spaceflight is now coming much closer into the realm of reality.