Former ISRO Chief: ‘Nothing to See Here, Move Along’

Former ISRO’s Chairman K. Kasturirangan said today that the space agency’s positive reputation has not been damaged by the uproar over the controversial S-band satellite deal with Devas Multimedia:

“It is the performance that matters. The organisation has been performing consistently and the scam has not really affected our grit and determination to that level,” Kasturirangan, chairman of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) for over nine years, told IANS.

Ah…yeah. About that first part….

PSLV Launch
Christmas Day, 2010

And eight months earlier….

Well, he did say consistency. So, I guess that is true, actually….

The former ISRO chairman is clearly hoping that future missions will be more consistently successful to further burnish the agency’s image.

“ISRO has so many missions coming up, and all of them are expected to take us higher. One should not go by what is reported in certain circles,” Kasturirangan said.

Good luck with that.