Russians Visit China to Promote IGMASS Cooperation


In early 2011, International Public Committee on IGMASS (international global natural and industrial emergency aerospace monitoring system) (IGMASS IPC) has made steps to promote the project in China.

Roscosmos representatives, Russian experts of Space Systems R&D presented IGMASS in Beijing on Jan. 10-13, IPC executive secretary Sergey Cherkas informed.

According to him, the presentation was made by Space Systems R&D Director, IGMASS Project DG Valery Menschikov. The consultations were also attended by the Head of Roscosmos Office in China Alexander Rodin, representatives of the Embassy of Russia in China and Federal Space Agency, as well as Chinese officials and technical specialists.

Discussion of IGMASS project political, legal, technical and organizational aspects initiated by reports by Meschikov and Cherkas covered scientific and technological grounds laid through IGMASS concept evolution, as well as prospective involvement of the Chinese party into the project.

According to Cherkas, negotiations of the first day finished with handing-over of the draft memorandum of understanding between Chinese Science Academy and IPC. Chinese experts positively evaluated the significance of the project not only for Russia and China, but for the world community. It was decided to discuss further approval of the MOU, Cherkas said adding that the Chinese party expressed their interest towards joint scientific research wrt detection of the global disaster precursors, integrated application of the space data, as well as its acquisition and processing by the ground infrastructure of Russia and China.

“Detailed protocol was signed as a result of the meeting. The working meeting provided practical initiation of the joint efforts by Russian and Chinese experts,” Cherkas concluded.