WhiteKnightTwo/SpaceShipTwo Test Flight Rate Picks Up

Scaled Composites has posted logs from three test flights they have undertaken over the last month. Two flights involved solo tests of the WhiteKnightTwo carrier aircraft; the third involved hauling aloft SpaceShipTwo. The logs indicate that the company is moving toward the first drop test of the suborbital tourism vehicle.

Test summaries are after the break.

Flight: 40Date:5 Oct 10
Flight Time:2 hr
FTE: Tighe

SS2 release dry run
Glide flight practice
SS2 approach simulations
Crew proficiency
ECS testing

All objectives achieved. Rehearsal SS2 mission performed. Three simulated SS2 approaches to low approaches followed by a full stop landing.

FlightWK2 Flight 39 / CC-04
Date:30 Sept 10Flight Time:5 hr
WK2 Pilot:StuckyWK2 CoPilot:KalogiannisWK2 FTE: Persall
SS2 Pilot:SieboldSS2 CoPilot:Alsbury

SS2 systems evaluation
TM performance
SS2 flutter evaluation
Pilot proficiency
SS2 approach evaluation

All objectives achieved. Rehearsal mission to evaluate team and systems for early glides was performed. Simulated SS2 mission was flown to low approach. WK2 systems functioned as desired to support SS2 glide mission.

Flight: 38Date:13 Sept 10
Flight Time:2.5 hr
FTE: Inks

Fixed gear performance
Simulated SS2 glide mission
Simulated SS2 approaches
Pilot T&G proficiency (normal patterns)
Pylon evaluation
Rudder repair evaluation
Lateral stability evaluation
ECS performance evaluation

All objectives achieved. Two SS2 approaches to low approach. Two touch and go approaches. One full stop. Fixes/modifications cleared for SS2 ops.