Paragon Life Support System Passes Preliminary Design Review

Tucson firm designs system to keep astronauts breathing
Arizona Daily Star

A Tucson-based company is working on a new system that will maintain air quality for astronauts on short-term space missions to and from destinations such as the International Space Station.

Paragon Space Development Corp. recently announced it has finished the preliminary design review of its Commercial Crew Transport-Air Revitalization System, the third step in a five-part project under a Space Act Agreement in collaboration with NASA’s Commercial Crew and Cargo Program Office.

Paragon received $1.4 million in federal funding and will contribute a commensurate amount toward the system, said Taber MacCallum, the company’s CEO.

“It’s a highly integrated unit consisting of seven subsystems,” said Barry Finger, Paragon’s program manager for the system. “Primarily, it does seven essential things to make the cabin air breathable.”

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