Russia Set to Begin Construction of New Far East Spaceport in 2011

Anatoly Perminov

All decisions made to start work on Vostochny space site 2011

All necessary decisions are in place for launching the construction of the spaceport Vostochny in the Amur region in 2011, the head of the federal space agency (Roscosmos), Anatoly Perminov, said at a meeting of the Scientific and Technical Council devoted to the sketch of a future high-capacity next-generation space rocket complex of middle-class for the spaceport Vostochny.

The Roscosmos chief recalled that “the Russian federal space program for 2006-2015 provides for the implementation of priority guidelines for space activities and the creation in the Amur Region of a spaceport for research, social, economic, and commercial dual-purpose tasks, preparations for and launches of space vehicles, cargo spacecraft and modules of orbital stations, manned space missions and future space programs for the study and exploration of celestial bodies, as well as the implementation of international cooperation in this sphere.”

“All fundamental decisions regarding Russia’s new cosmodrome have been worked out. Roscosmos attached special importance to the choice of future advanced launch vehicles,” he stressed.

“The contract for preliminary research into the project in accordance with the terms of reference was awarded to TsSKB Progress,” said Perminov. “We believe that the space rocket complex Rus-M, being developed in the experimental fashion, will be the core element of a future Russian space infrastructure to ensure launches of manned spacecraft of a new generation and of unmanned spacecraft for various purposes from the Vostochny spaceport.”

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