Video: James Cameron Does an “Avatar” Themed NASA PSA

By my best calculation, director James Cameron’s PSA for NASA is roughly 31 seconds of “Avatar” footage coupled with another 37 seconds of information about the space agency and its Earth Sciences program.

I guess that’s not bad, actually.

The video’s unveiling corresponds with the long awaited re-relrease of “Avatar,” which apparently is even longer than the five minutes beyond forever length of the original that was in theaters oh….like, six months ago or something.

Perhaps they will come out with an extended version of this PSA in a few months with even more footage.

As you can probably tell, I’m not that keen on the movie. I thought it had brilliantly done special effects but that the plot was a mishmash of “Dances With Wolves,” “FernGully,” and the last act of “Return of the Jedi” only with dinosaurs instead of those annoying Ewoks. God, I hated those little furballs.

Oh, a really special shout-out to my lovely and talented niece, Stefanie, for the “FernGully” comparison. You’re the best, Stef!