Lockheed Martin Looking at Layoffs From Downsized Orion Crew Program

The launch abort vehicle stands ready for launch at the Orion Abort Flight Test Launch Complex 32E. Credit: U.S. Army White Sands Test Facility.

Lockheed weighs layoffs, other cuts for Orion program
The Denver Post

Lockheed Martin officials have begun looking throughout the Orion crew-capsule program for savings that can be used to cover possible contract termination costs.

Those savings could include layoffs of some of the 600 to 650 Lockheed employees in Colorado who are working on the NASA spacecraft.

“We’re implementing a 20 percent adjustment across the program,” Lockheed spokeswoman Joan Underwood said Thursday. “We need to do some cost-cutting within the program as work continues.”

Cost efficiencies being implemented now include finding positions on other company programs for Orion workers and not purchasing hardware that isn’t needed yet.

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